Guard Services

National Scope of Guard Service Management


Al-Mosheer has an in-depth experience in managing security programs of a

National Scope while ensuring a Local Focus.


Armed and Unarmed Security Guards

Al-Mosheer custom designs armed and unarmed guards services programs that

meet both the needs of the organization and the requirements of the government.

Whether it is guarding a building or an oil field structure, our guards are

highly trained to handle all situations with good judgment and cultural sensitivity

while applying the law.


Patrol and Inspection

Standard motorized patrol services include drive through of parking and inspection

of the facility exterior, any interior check is conducted at clients' request

only. Al-Mosheer's patrol officers work from communications-equipped vehicles

that are clearly marked and very visible to discourage vandalism and theft.


Access Control 

Access Control services include monitoring access at control checkpoints

(i.e. gates) of employees, visitors and contractors into the facilities, inspecting

packages and briefcases, maintaining logs, escorting visitors when needed,

requesting officers assistance with vehicle and packages verification. Security

officers serve as the initial security contact at these facilities.


Emergency Services 

Usually customers plan carefully their events, however, some may occur with

little or no warning, creating a security exposure to which Al-Mosheer can

dispatch additional security officers and coordinate to minimize the client's

physical and human exposure (i.e. facility closing, strikes or disasters).


First Responders

Many of Al-Mosheer security officers are certified in First Aid and EMT, because in

emergency situations security officers are usually the first to be at the scene. Their

skills are necessary to assist and save lives and properties until aid and paramedics

arrive. Clients can benefit from this quick on-site response, especially those in

remote areas where local rescue services are not readily available.


Visitor Escort Services 

Al-Mosheer security guards can escort visitors and provide tours of the facility, when

necessary, for VIPs and new employees. They can also provide security and safety

instructions for employees.

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The Al-Mosheer Security Guard is a national organization that considers clients' safety and security its highest priority. We provide our customers superior and comprehensive solutions, as will as cutting-edge technology products and methods that promote safe working and living environments, to fulfill their security needs and objectives. We are committed to deliver the finest services to our clients and communities, with professionalism, integrity and effective responsiveness.

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