Technical Services

Project Management

To ensure full compliance, Al-Mosheer Project Management approach allows its staff to facilitate communications, coordination among

parties and reinforces effective responsiveness to customers' requirements.

Canine Bomb and Drug Detection

Al-Mosheer provides canine services at customers' request. Canine teams are mobile and can conduct scheduled and random checks for

vehicles and facilities.

Facility Assessments

To ensure the most suitable security services and systems for clients, Al-Mosheer discuss with customers their views and concerns of threats

and security; conducts an assessment and analysis of the physical security programs, procedures and facilities to measure the effectiveness

of security systems, and to advise on best practices in security and delivery. Our extensive experience with a wide array of clients and

industries allows us to benchmark best security practices, and provide a baseline for planning.

Lock and Key Services

Al-Mosheer provides technical specialists for lock service, set combination

locks, install locks and re-key them. These services assure physical access

control to facilities, internal areas, rooms, desks and containers to ensure that

personnel and property are protected.

Equipment and Maintenance

• The security equipment are sold and / or rented for commercial and residential

use, based on the security and programs tailored to the clients' needs and

objectives. A list of certified equipments to suit the diverse security needs is

available on our website

• The maintenance programs are offered with the contracted security packages

and services; they include testing, measurements, adjustments, replacement of

parts or equipment when necessary, and regular systems' inspections.

Maintaining the security systems and equipment in good working conditions

means ensuring the safety and security of the clients and their assets.

Employee Safety Training Program

To ensure optimal safety and security benefits for customers, Al-Mosheer

developed an Employee Safety Training Program, whereby all staff will

receive training on safety and security measures in emergency and

non-emergency situations to realize the importance of their role and

compliance to help preserve safety for all.

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The Al-Mosheer Security Guard is a national organization that considers clients' safety and security its highest priority. We provide our customers superior and comprehensive solutions, as will as cutting-edge technology products and methods that promote safe working and living environments, to fulfill their security needs and objectives. We are committed to deliver the finest services to our clients and communities, with professionalism, integrity and effective responsiveness.

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